Questions We Hear The Most

I am happy with my current irrigation system, but am interested in maximizing my water savings. Can you help?

Yes. There are a number of feature rich products available to reduce your water usage substantially. Smart irrigation controllers, rain sensors and high efficiency sprinkler heads are just some of the products we can assist you with.

There is no power source located near the area I need irrigation to be installed at, can you help?

Yes. There are a wide range of battery and solar powered irrigation controllers in addition to irrigation valves. We’ll help you choose the best option.

There is a loud, prolonged whining noise coming from my irrigation valve, is this normal?

While it is perfectly normal to hear water flow at the valve during cycling and a brief sound at start up and shutoff, loud and prolonged noises are abnormal and should be further inspected.

I would like to know precisely how much water my irrigation system uses at any given moment. Can you help?

Yes. There are products called digital flow meters which can be added to certain irrigation controller brands and models.

I am a renter and want to install short term irrigation that is not permanently attached to the home. Can you help?

Yes. We’ve helped countless renters install temporary irrigation which adheres to the terms of their lease.

I travel often and would like to be able to remotely operate and program my irrigation system. Is this possible?

Yes, Wi-Fi enabled controllers make this a simple and user friendly process.

I have functioning sprinkler valves from a previous lawn. Can I convert these to drip irrigation.

Yes. This is a simple and cost effective measure to add drip irrigation to any property.

What is the difference between a standard irrigation valve and a drip irrigation valve?

This is probably the most frequently asked questions. The only feature which makes a drip irrigation valve distinct is it’s application, not it’s composition. It is not unlike the comparison between a standard vehicle and an off road vehicle. Both are vehicles, but one has added features for a different application. A standard irrigation valve is just that, an electric valve that takes water from it’s source and delivers it to a final destination such as sprinkler heads or drip emitters. It is commonly referred to as a sprinkler valve or just a valve. A drip irrigation valve entails two additional components which are a mesh filter and a pressure regulator. You can make any irrigation valve drip ready by adding these two components to the downstream side of the valve or you can purchase a pre-assembled kit. Some manufacturers offer combination pressure regulated mesh filters which lower the total component count from 3 to 2.

Do you subcontract to other companies or persons?

The short and simple answer is no. Only Mike or actual MHHS employees will be on your project.

Do all of your workers speak English?

Yes. No matter what your specific project, fluent English is the only language you’ll ever hear.

How long will my project take?

Each project is unique and completion times may range from a few hours to a few days. Project duration will always be listed in your job contract before commencement. If your project requires urgency, we are happy to leverage the necessary resources to meet your deadline.

Do I need to give you a down payment to start my project?

No. We never ask for down payments, deposits or advanced funds for any reason. All we require from you is a signed job contract.

Do you provide services in the greater Phoenix area, or just the East Valley?

We do not provide service outside the East Valley as a general rule. Occasionally we are able to make exceptions for customers whose location is within close proximity to the East Valley, or existing customers with multiple properties.

Do you warranty your work?

Yes. We provide written warranties which include the specific coverage of both labor and material.

Do you provide free consultations?

Yes. Whether in person, over the phone or by email, there are never charges for consultations and estimates.

Do you offer financing?

No, unfortunately we do not offer such payment terms at this time.

I’ve already purchased my own parts/material, can I pay you to install them?

Yes, we will install your parts, material and/or components as long as they are new.

Do you offer same day and emergency service?

Yes, we offer both.

Do I have to be home for you to work on my property?

As long as there are no outdoor pets, once a job contract is signed you are not required to be present for the duration of your project. Upon completion or near completion you are required to walk through and inspect the project with us for quality assurance.

I am selling my home soon. Can you help me with a budget friendly solution?

Yes. We are happy to custom design an irrigation system which meets not only your budget, but also your time frame.

Some of my irrigation system’s components are still functioning properly such as the controller and the valves. Can you replace just what is needed?

Yes. Along with your input, we will determine what exactly requires replacement and what does not. If something is working well, will provide you with  an honest assessment.

Do you install plants and trees?

Yes. At the time of installation of a new irrigation system, we gladly install both. This ensures that emitters are positioned properly and that watering for your newly installed plants/trees is scheduled properly.

Do you insulate pipes for the Winter?

Yes. We insulate pipes as well as all above ground components, including irrigation valves and hose bibbs.



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