Custom watering needs oftentimes require custom installations. Hybrid irrigation systems entail a combination of two or more materials, for example polyethylene tubing and PVC piping. Here are a few situations where a myriad of materials may be required.

Sprinkler Conversion Systems- Sprinkler systems which are no longer in use provide homeowners with an opportunity to convert to drip irrigation. Sprinkler head locations can be easily outfitted with either a simple transition to polyethylene irrigation tubing or an independent drip manifold which provides direct irrigation to 1/4 inch (spaghetti) tubing. Such manifolds can supply up to 12 individual emitters. Sprinkler valves can easily and inexpensively be converted for drip applications as well, providing substantial savings versus installing a complete new irrigation system.

Polyethylene/PVC Combination- Although polyethylene irrigation tubing may provide homeowners with an economical and flexible means of irrigating their landscape, it is extremely prone to leakage and premature failure. Oftentimes these issues occur well away from the irrigation’s destination. The classic example of this problems is when the irrigation valve dedicated to the backyard is installed at the home’s water main at the front yard. The result is tens and in some cases over a hundred feet of tubing buried beneath  a high traffic area with no supplemental protection. Replacing these long runs with PVC pipe can add years to your irrigation system and eliminate precious time wasted on repairs.

PEX For Above Ground Applications- PEX offers the flexibility and lightweight of polyethylene combined with the toughness of PVC. It is engineered to withstand both the extreme temperatures as well as the UV radiation exposure above ground installations are prone to. PEX is an excellent solution for temporary irrigation. This need may arise if you are building an in ground swimming pool or constructing a home addition which requires excavating and the use of heavy equipment around your property. Polyethylene tubing and PVC pipe will imminently fail in such situations. PEX can not only withstand harsh job site conditions, it can be easily disconnected and reconnected at a moment’s notice. PEX is also a viable option where concrete slabs or hardscaping present an obstacle to installing polyethylene tubing or PVC pipe. If cutting is not desirable, PEX can easily and inexpensively provide homeowners with above ground irrigation.

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