An unusually high water bill, a toiling landscape or perhaps inexplicable puddling water. These are all indicators of potential irrigation system malfunctions. However problems are not always well defined and easily visible. Because most of an irrigation system lies below the surface, oftentimes issues such as leaks go unnoticed. This can be especially problematic if your irrigation system is operational when you are sleeping, at work or away from home for extended periods of time. When it  comes to your home’s irrigation system, identifying problems in their early stages will prevent costly repairs.

We recommend an irrigation system inspection each spring and anytime a pre-owned home is purchased. We encourage homeowners to accompany our technician during the inspection. We’ll answer any questions and address any concerns you may have. Upon completion, we’ll provide you with a written inspection report and make helpful suggestions. In many cases following our inspection, homeowners are able to address minor issues entirely on their own.

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