Whether you are installing a new landscape or are just tired of manually watering your existing landscape, an automatic drip irrigation system is the perfect solution. Polyethylene drip irrigation systems are versatile and budget friendly. Although we offer higher quality PVC drip irrigation systems, some situations where polyethylene systems work well are:

Small Landscapes

Garden Beds

Temporary Irrigation

Nursery Irrigation

Loam, Sand & Soils With Low Aggregate Content


Our Process

We take a few extra measures to enhance the lifespan of the polyethylene drip irrigation systems we install, as well as to reduce the amount of future maintenance. These include:

Installing tubing away from damage prone locations such as high traffic areas and tree root zones.

Back filling with masonry sand which greatly reduces the potential of damage from friction as well as aggregate.

Installing emitters above ground for easy accessibility and maintenance.

Installing easily accessible flush caps.

Installing rigid PVC conduits beneath all sidewalks, curbing, hardscaping and any areas where future root infiltration is imminent.

Providing a detailed mini plan including tubing location and total emitter count.

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