Pressure Vacuum Breaker

Vacuum Breakers

Designed for use in health hazard cross connections and continuous pressure applications where the water enters the equipment at or below its flood rim. Provides protection against back siphonage incidents only. Applications include irrigation systems, firelines, and industrial process water systems.





Anti-Siphon Pressure Vacuum Breakers prevent the reverse flow of polluted water from entering into the potable water supply due to backsiphonage. They have a bronze body construction, silicone rubber check valve disc, plastic check valve seat, stainless steel springs, a bonnet with silicone rubber O-ring seal, a lightweight plastic disc float, tee handle or lever handle shutoffs, and test cocks for winterization draining. Series 800M4QT is ideal in health hazard continuous pressure applications such as irrigation systems and industrial process water systems where the water enters the equipment at or below its flood rim. Maximum Pressure:150psi (10.3 bar), Minimum Pressure: 15psi (55kPa)


  • Health hazard protection level
  • Compact and designed for easy maintenance
  • Test cocks are positioned for easy testing and winterization
  • Acetal bonnet acts as “freeze plug” to prevent body damage
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