The Dilemma

If you have ever owned a conventional polyethylene “drip system”, you probably have experienced sporadic problems such as plugged emitters, leaks and premature failure. While the low cost of these systems may seem attractive in the beginning, over the long term any preconceived notions of cost savings quickly vanish. In addition to the actual expense of maintaining a polyethylene drip irrigation system, when you factor in lost time, wasted water and the toll taken on your landscape, they are actually very costly. Polyethylene just isn’t engineered to withstand the excruciating soil temperatures we experience each summer, not to mention the unusually high rock content of our native soil. Burying this product below even more decorative gravel combined with everyday foot traffic only exacerbates the potential for repair issues.

The Solution

At Michael Hannity Home Services, we believe in installing irrigation systems which stand up to the test of time as well as the elements. We have built our business upon a commitment to quality, efficiency and longevity. We have proven over the years that a PVC drip irrigation system is the only viable approach to achieve all three of these. PVC piping is the standard for lawn irrigation, so why not the rest of your landscape? Among the many benefits of a PVC drip irrigation system versus a conventional polyethylene system are:

Life Span- Unlike P/E irrigation tubing, PVC pipe does not require periodic repair and replacement.

Increased Flow & Pressure Rates- Because PVC pipe is a rigid product, more water at higher pressure can be delivered. This reduces the number of irrigation valves required.

No Vegetation Infiltration- Because barbed fittings are not inserted directly into PVC pipe as with P/E irrigation tubing, there is zero water loss underground. This eliminates the potential of roots infiltrating the system and creating blockages

No Wear From Friction- Unlike P/E irrigation tubing which expands and contracts each time it is charged with water, PVC pipe’s rigid structure remains constant at all times. This eliminates the hassle of friction induced damage underground.

Consistent Performance In All Weather Conditions- During hot temperatures, P/E irrigation tubing is pliable and expands much like an inflated tire. During cold temperatures, it contracts and loses elasticity, eventually becoming brittle. These fluctuating physical states weaken the tubing and drastically reduce lifespan.

Zero Underground Maintenance- With a PVC drip irrigation system, you can say goodbye to repair couplings, goof plugs and buried drip emitters.

Ease Of Expansion- With P/E drip irrigation systems, when your landscape’s watering needs expand, you are forced to locate and dig up the buried tubing. With a PVC system, water sources are above ground and self contained.

Install Once- Because rigid PVC pipe does not require periodic replacement like P/E irrigation tubing, you’ll be able to invest your hard earned money and free time in more meaningful ways.

Industry Leading Warranty- As long as you own your home, you’ll rest assured that your new PVC drip irrigation system is backed by the best warranty in the East Valley.

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