Rain Sensor – With Bracket


  • Automatic rain shutoff prevents overwatering due to natural rainfall
  • Flexible, multiple rainfall settings from 1/8″ to 3/4″ which are quick and easy to adjust with a twist of the dial.
  • High-grade, UV-resistant body on an aluminum bracket easily resists the elements, ensuring hassle-free performance.
  • An adjustable side vent ring allows the sensor to dry out once it collects water.
  • Moisture sensing disks work in a variety of climates
  • Latching hinge maintains alignment

Wireless Rain/Freeze Sensor Combo with 48 Hour Rain Delay


  • Wireless rain sensor automatically prevents irrigation for 48 hours after rainfall.
  • Helps meet local city and government mandates to avoid fines
  • Freeze sensor shuts off irrigation when temperature drops below set point
  • Saves up to 35% on water usage
  • Intuitive, icon-driven interface for easy programming
  • Enhanced antenna array provides superior signal reliability that overcomes most line-of-sight obstructions
  • Simple battery replacement requiring no tools and no need to disassemble sensor
  • Easy to install self-leveling sensor bracket mounts to flat surfaces or rain gutters
  • Suitable for use with Rain Bird and competitor 24VAC irrigation controllers
  • Adjustable rainfall settings from 1/8 in to 1/2 in
  • Adjustable low temperature settings from 33°F to 41°F
  • NOTE: Not compatible with Rain Bird ESP-SMT, ESP-SMTe, SST600s or SST1200s smart controllers


Soil Moisture Sensor Kit


  • Easy-to-install add on to any standard irrigation system that provides over 40% water savings by optimizing water at the root zone
  • Turns any controller into a smart controller
  • Displays soil moisture level, temperature, EC and watering history
  • Self-calibrating to all soil types and conditions
  • High grade 304 stainless steel sensor for extreme durability and corrosion resistance
  • Rugged case designed for years of trouble-free service
  • Sensor bypass permits normal irrigation cycles
  • No maintenance sensor never needs calibration; just bury and forget
  • Digital TDT Sensor enables highly accurate soil moisture readings that are independent of soil temperature and electrical conductivity


Anemometer Wind Speed Sensor


  • Accurate wind speed measurement for high-wind shutdown or interrupt of irrigation programs
  • Precision three-cup anemometer for measuring wind velocity.
  • Balanced rotor and low friction bearings detect wind speeds from 4 MPH to 80 MPH (6,5 to 128 km/h).
  • Electronics supplied with a weather tight enclosure exceeding NEMA 4 and 6 specifications.
  • Heavy-duty metal mounting bracket and 20 feet of cable
  • Can be used with Rain Bird Maxicom Central Control Systems (requires PT322 or PT3002 Pulse Transmitter, sold separately)
  • Can be used with Rain Bird ESP-LXME, ESP-LXD, SiteControl or IQ Systems (requires PT3002 Pulse Transmitter, sold separately)
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